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System Requirements

Operating System: Windows, Linux, or MacOS version capable of running a compatible browser
Browser: Either FireFox later than version 19 OR Chrome later than version 25
JavaScript: The browser must have JavaScript enabled for the app to run.
Cookies: Cookies must be allowed and not auto-cleaned when the browser is closed.
(using a “Private” or “Incognito” window would be a similarly bad idea).
Storage: Have access to some form of local storage - like a hard drive, USB thumb drive, or LAN share.
Printer: This should be either a letter-sized laser printer or inkjet (water-proof ink preferred).

Other Recommendations

PDF Reader: You’ll need something like Adobe Reader or Foxit to view any “save to PDF“ output.
Background colors: In Firefox, check “Print Background” in “Page Setup” if you want to show colors.

Quick Start

  1. Download and unzip the app to a local drive folder (change the file name if you like).
  2. Open the app from the local drive by double-clicking it or dragging it onto the FireFox or Chrome browser.
  3. Fill in the Personal Data line.
  4. Start filling the blank line in one of the other categories (we recommend doing “Doctors” first).
  5. To use a dedicated “Edit” dialog, click the icon in the left column of that line.
  6. When you’re done with that line, click the Add Row Here + button to create another row (then repeat 4, 5, and 6).
  7. For detailed help, click the ? button. Click Go Back when finished.
  8. If you ever change your mind, click the Undo button. If you un-change your mind, click Redo.
  9. Open the browser’s Save Page As... option and browse to the folder where you put the app file.
  10. Select “Save as type: Web Page, Complete” and click Save to store your data with the app. (click Yes to replace)
  11. To print your document, click the Print button. Select items to print and/or not print.
  12. After checking the app's print preview, use the Browser’s File-Print option to send it to your printer.

Support Documents

The following buttons each open a new page for viewing the selected document. For the user manual, you can right-click the button to download the pdf for later reference. Note: This is the same manual included with the download "zip" files.

MyOwnMedInfo User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions - General

Frequently Asked Questions - Tech

Support Policy

While we’d like to answer every question, we may not have the resources to give everyone a direct response.  Generally relevant questions will be answered in the FAQ, while requests will always be considered for future releases. If we have the bandwidth, (and we actually have an answer) we'll try to answer you directly.

Email to support@unwebsoftware.com