UnWeb Software

Frequently Asked Questions - Technical

Why doesn’t the browser’s “Back” button work like the “Undo” button?

Although a browser plug-in might make that possible, we want UnWeb Software applications to work with whichever plain-vanilla browser happens to be handy. As such, we need to live “within” the browser environment rather than try to change the browser's fundamental behavior - like its “back” and “forward” buttons. While you may be able to launch an independent browser window without menus and toolbars, the resulting interface would be missing the "save" and "print" options that you're going to need. So, unfortunately, the best we can say is: Avoid touching the “Back” button - and, if you do, just click the “Forward” button to re-open the app.

Why is it possible to sort by phone numbers and addresses?

OK, you’re right to think it’s kind of pointless to sort a list by house or phone numbers. The short answer is that the user interface simply defaults to having sort icons over every column without judging the relevance of the data. The more complicated answer is that secondary sorts can be used to group similar rows even if the actual order is irrelevant. Since we use a “stable” sort function, secondary sorts don’t change the order of the primary sort when identical values are found.