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Demo and App Files

First: Download the MyOwnMedInfo-App.zip file.
Unzip it to a local folder and then open the MyOwnMedInfo-Demo.HTML file.
Second: If you think the demo looks promising, close it, and open MyOwnMedInfo.HTML instead
(so you can enter your own data).
Third: Use the “Print” option and show the results to your doctor - they should be impressed.
Both the Demo and regular versions of the app >>> MyOwnMedInfo‑App.zip
The Demo data saved as a printable PDF >>> MyOwnMedInfo‑Demo.pdf
The Demo data saved as a CSV export file >>> MyOwnMedInfo‑Demo.txt

Donations Are Accepted

Just click the “Donate“ PayPal link below.  Then enter an ammount to be charged to your existing PayPal account or any major credit card.  While we appreciate donations of any size, please avoid amounts less than a dollar (unless you just want to donate money to PayPal).

Why PayPal?

After a bit of research, we found that PayPal is the best payment method for both you and us.  From our perspective, it’s cheaper and simpler than setting up a merchant account.  From your perspective, you only have to trust us with your donation amount rather than giving us your credit card number (only PayPal gets to see that).  Incidentally, you DO NOT have to setup a PayPal account to pay with a credit card – just say “no” when they ask about saving your information.

BTW... Although electronic payments are easier for us, your donation is appreciated whatever way you send it. A check or money order can be sent to:

UnWeb Software - Donation

240 Middlesex Tpke. #25

Iselin, NJ 08830